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A laser kitchen slicer, similar to a Japanese gyuto, this knife features a 7-inch hand-rubbed satin finish stainless steel blade. At just under .070" thick at the heel and just over 1.75" tall, this knife glides though meats and soft veggies. Not recommended for use on large squash or pumpkins this knife is reserved for light to medium duty chopping and slicing. The handle is sleek and well rounded so is very comfortable to grip. The balance is perfect at just in-front of the redheart bolster. The handle body is comprised of endgrain Wenge on top with redheart on bottom, Wenge on the sides all surrounds a Tigerwood core. Comes with a hand stitched and dyed 7/8 oz vegetable tanned leather.


BLADE: Hand wash immediately after use with mild dish soap and warm water, dry with clean towel for best life.

HANDLE: It is recommended to re-wax the handle every 4-6 weeks to protect the wood from early aging.

LEATHER: Rub with a leather finish oil to maintain proper leather conditioning.


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