A unique design; this knife features a 5-inch curved edge that turns up at the tip. It works great for a rocking motion and for cutting smaller vegetables at the heel. Don't be afraid to grip the blade as both the spine and finger choil are rounded and polished. The handle is tapered both front and back with the thickest part 2 1/2 inches along the handle. The handle is comprised of a striped pattern of different hardwoods on top and bottom, surrounded by Bubinga on the sides with a core of Tigerwood all topped off with a bolster of lacewood. The knife is center balanced and feel great in hand. Comes with a hand stitched and dyed 7/8 oz vegetable tanned leather.


BLADE: Hand wash immediately after use with mild dish soap and warm water, dry with clean towel for best life.

HANDLE: It is recommended to re-wax the handle every 4-6 weeks to protect the wood from early aging.

LEATHER: Rub with a leather finish oil to maintain proper leather conditioning.


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