About NKCO

In late 2011 I began sharpening knives for friends and family. Despite my beginning sharpening ability, an issue I saw with many knives was poor edge retention as they are often made from low-grade stainless steel. Most knife injuries happen with dull knives - knives made from sub-par materials which can't hold an edge. This makes accidents just about inevitable, some-what prominent and honestly, painful.

With all that said... I purchased a belt grinder and some bars of steel to try my hand and making something better. Now, years later, I'm crafting knives using unique hardwoods, quality metals and my own designs. Each knife from NKCO is designed with the end user in mind. Sketched, designed, crafted and tested in our shop, with special attention placed on hand-feel, weight, aesthetic design and of course, functionality.

NKCO offers a variety of kitchen knives and our selection is ever-changing. We also take-on custom orders - email us for more information. Take a look around the site, reach out if you have questions and I look forward to talking with you soon.

-- Brandon Nelson.